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Shree Yantram

Shree denotes the Goddess "MahaLaxmi" herself. "Shree Yantram" is itself and instantly effective Yantra. In order to avail the holy, endless Goddess, the "Shree Yantram" is all predominating through the scriptural and befitting statutory performance. This "Shree Yantram" is made thoroughly effacaciuos, The hovering becomes in the space, emanates the devine power and along with this, drawning the positive electrones to itself and reflecting this on alter, it imparts influence on the entire "Puja" surroundings extra-ordinarily and with this the person concerned, becomes in possession of all wealth. Enhancement and development in business can be attained by keeping the "Yantram" in the place of business, factories, industries and entrepreneurial installations. Human beings brims with fortune and wealths through the performance of "Shree-Yantram" and a positive effect comes upon the man concerned internally and externally, as a result of which he can successfully advance towards achievements.

Shree Suktam

Shree Suktam is a mantra from "Rrigbed". The performance of Shree Suktam in front of Shree Yantram makes a person wealthy, and riches surges on to him from all sides. Here at our places, this performances are done with the all religiously gifted and accomplished Pandits.

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