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Rudra Paath (Rudravishekh)

It is absoutely a Ved-Mantra. The God "Shiva" is an all reflection of the "Yajurved". With a view to accomplishing all types of hopes and aspirations, the God "Shiva" is revered with the "Rudra-Austadhay".

The God is revered with the flow of water/milk with a view to preventing all sorts of evil like diseases, sufferings and evil-deaths, and to acquiring wealth and riches having male child, happiness and mental peace, eradicating family-disturbances, calming evil planets, and winning "Dharma", "Arath", "Kaam" and "Moksha". This "Avishekh" can be gradually intensified phase by phase from "Laghu –Rudra" to "Maha-Rudra", "Atti-Rudra" for better results.

Aditya Hridaya Stotram

These are " Mantras" belonging to "Surya-Narayanji". If there is any malposition of the "Surya-Graha" in your Horoscope, the performance of this mantra accomplishes all sorts of wellbeing of the "Surya-Graha".

If you are a psycho-somatic patient, or if you feel less-honoured in your practical life, or you suffer from any disease relating to head/brain/ eye/ skin/ heart, the performance of this "Stotram" resolves all these problem as an infallible means. You may be possessor of all heavenly and earthly happiness and fortune with sound, health, high-longivity and riches through this very medium.

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