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How to Solve Astrological Problem

  • The performance of our “Anusthans” is based upon truth and Dharma.
  • Shastriji is a devotee of Shiv-Shakti. He resolves all your problems according to the natural law in conjunction with the best religious pratice by the most eligible Pandits who are well versed in the four Vedas.
  • If you are in any problem you please sent in details the accounts of your problems along with
    • Date of birth
    • Month of birth
    • Year of birth
    • Place of birth
    • Sex (Male or Female), through E-mail.
  • If you are not aware of your date of birth, please sent only the accounts of your problems in detail through the E-mail or contact over telephone.
  • After having the details of your problems and other informations as cited above, it will be given a minute observation by ”Matri-Shakti” and you will be informed about the most suitable ways/means for the best solution of your problems.
  • Shastriji, resides in Siliguri(Darjeeling), India and performs all the necessary “Anusthans” at his place. You please contact or send detailed information with whole hearted confidence and belief. We will inform you of the “Anusthans” suitable for the best solution of your problems along with the reasonable amount of “Dakhshina” to be offered.
  • If you are willing to solve your problem through us offering the stipulated amount of “Dakshina”, you can deposit the same with the nearest branch of bank
  • On your willingness and depositing the amount of “Dakshina” with the bank we will furnish you with the exact time, period, date of your “Anusthans” to be performed by us along with all the instructions to be carried out by you during the period of your “Anusthans” through your E-mail in time.If you wish you may remain present in person during the “Anusthans” hour here at my place.
  • If you have full faith you will, by the grace of God, have all your desires and aspirations fulfilled.
  • Our Email ID is-

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