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Shree Durga Saptasti (Chandi Paath)

The 700 Slokes under the Markendeya Purana, are well known as "Saptasati". Considering from the point of view of the "Tantrik" mantra the "Saptasati" is above all. For the accomplishment of any object this "Durgapaath" is infallible. In order to get rid of any problem, however great it is, this Shri Durga Saptasati is fully efficacious to overcome any problem posed by foes/enemies, to acquire wealths, to expand business profile, i.e to get rid of all hindrances like disease, sorrows, depressions etc and accomplishment of all desires. The volume of "Paath" and the mode of application are determined by your specific problems and your desires. "Navachandi Samput", "Satachandi", "Sahasrachandi Paath" is efficacious more and more respectively, one after another. To have all these done, according to your desires and aspirations, an well expert, skillfull and experienced "Pandit" is obviously necessary. Shastriji performs all these by "Pandits" fully blessed with the "Ved-Vidya".

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Maha Mritunjaya Mantra

(A Universal way to prevent saviour sorrow and accidental deaths and to acquire mental peace.)

This Mahamritunjaya is the mantra provided by the God Biswanath (Shivji). With the recitation of this mantra, the vital force can be gained. Life is momentary and this is evident from various types of accidents like Rail accident, Plane accident, Car accident, etc and as a protective "Kawacha", this mantra protects everyone. If there is any prediction of evil times or so, in your horoscope, you can save yourself from all these mishaps by performing this mantras. If your doctor is disappointed with the results of the treatments of your disease, the recitation of these mantras can heal you and let you lead a new life. The mantras enhances or emboldens the "Arogya", long life, wealth, peace, power and vital force. At least 51, 000 to 1.25 lakh jup recitations is imperative for every person. According to the aspect of cases these number may vary.

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