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Bishnu Sahasra Naam

This "Stotra" belongs to Bhagwan Shree Narayanji. The time when man, inspite of having wealth and riches, family and relations, is depressed, insured and passes through diseases and foes very much needs the performance of this "Anusthans" under the influence of this "Anusthans" man can attain all the virtues by geeting rid of all sorrows and pains.

Shree Ganeshatharv Sheers

This "Stotra" hails from the "Atharv-ved" This performance is observed in order to please "Ganeshji" and attain all wel-fare after ourcomming all hindrances and impediments.

Navagraha Mantra Prayog

According to your horoscope if you, for the present time, are going through Mahadasha/Antardasha and the evil impact of any Graha the performance of the "Anusthans" forgives about all correction and the Graha begins giving favourable results.

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