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The Bagala Mukhi Yantra

The Bagala Mukhi is one of the Ten Mahavidyas. Now a days, the time is full of struggle and competition; everyone tries hard to overtake others in search of fortune. If anything, subjective or objective comes to hinder one’s success, he naturally involves in an enmity or contradiction. This ultimately culminates into rebellion, jelousy, hatred, confusion, and legal fuss, calling for mental agony, fearness and loss of property. With the performance of this mantra, man can snatch victories over enemies and legal opposion, foster his valience and personality. For victory over, direct or indirect, visible or invisible anti-powers, for expanding his influence massively on people, the performance of the "Bagala Mukhi" mantra is effective by cent percent.

Through the performance of the mantra man can have a fearless life, embolden existence, victory, elemental peace remaining within the "Safe Circle" of life.

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