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Astrologer Pt. B.K Shastry vedpathy, bastuwid, and a devotee of Shiva Shakti. Whether you have your horoscope or not, your past, present and future can be bought into a minute analysis by dint of Astrology and power of insight. Man enjoys his present life in accordance with the performance and accomplishment of his previous life. This Janamkundali is an accomplishment which is a clear picture of planets, nakshatras and rashis. In the depiction, all the events of your life, from birth to end is minutely present. This Janamkundali can be ascertained with the help of the visionary skill under the light of astrological sutras and devine power. Shastriji reaches the very origin of your problems through the medium of astrology sutras under the grace of matrisakthi and starting from this point, gets at the firm resolution of all problems, that is why, man by getting rid of sorrows and sufferings can lead a life of fortune. But this is possible only when you redress your present under the knowledge of your future and have your life full of success. Shatriji accomplishes all this according to the signals of Shiv-Shakti through the vedic-prescription and vedic pandits.

Shastriji, having successfully completed a long period of researches on Ved, jotish, siddhant and applied science in the Vedic Science University (New Delhi) and having won the blessings of reveneud Guruji Maharshi Mahesh Yogi is now before you to help you.

I will guarantee the success in resolving all your problems physical, psychic and family related ones in cent percent.

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If you have any problem or any confusion at any time within the year you can contact Sastriji over telephone or E-mail for immediate suggestion.

You may ask

  • For the solution of any matrimonial question.
  • Whether any partnership with any person may be advantages in respect of business.
  • Whether there is any problem with education or how it can be solved.
  • For auspicious moment for starting business.
  • For solution of any problem relating to personnel, family, regarding health hazard.
  • “Kundali” matching for matrimonial relationship and any question relating to children.
  • For finding out auspicious moment for any type of function or engagement.
  • For the solution of any question relating to a life / lives, any confusion in our day to day lives.
  • Before asking any questions one should say prayer to ones ‘ISTA-DEVA”devotional.
  • For solution of any question second date by utmost propriety and universibility and if is so surely you will have the registered answer.
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